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The Security Flow Create File node provides the ability to create a file associated with the current message. The file created by this node is viewable on the Incident Timeline.


The Create File node exposes the following functionality:

  • Create and attach a JSON, CSV, or TXT file to the message via the NL Create File node.

Flow Node

Utility node to take data out of a message, create a file containing the desired data, and associate the file with the current message. Files created and associated with the message can be sent via email using the NL-Add-Email-Attachments node and viewed in the Incident timeline. This node writes out the data for the File Type to the defined File Name. The extention is automatically added to the File Name based on the selected file type. The File Name of the output file is limited to 256 characters. A longer name is automatically truncated.


The display name of the node within the flows.

File Type

Supports three types:

  • CSV: Saves the designated CSV Array of objects as CSV formatted data into the output File Name.
  • JSON: Writes out the data at JSON Field as JSON into the output File Name.
  • TXT: Writes out the data at TXT Field as a string into the output File Name. If the TXT Field is a JSON object, it performs the same steps as if JSON were the selected file type.

File Name

The generated name for the file.


The following contexts are supported:

  • msg.: This selects part of the incoming message as the source of the data. This is the typical choice.
  • J: expression: JSONata expression language to perform query and transform operations on the payload.

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The NL Create File nodes in the following example were configured to create CSV, JSON, and TXT files.

The files are displayed in the message panel on the newly created incident’s timeline.

When the File Detail option is selected the modal below is displayed with the specific file’s details and options to Copy and Search for other incidents containing the same IoC record. There are also options to Delete File which deletes the file from the message, and Download for downloading the file.

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