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Security Flow is a new automation and orchestration tool for corporate security. Security Flow helps companies integrate their diverse security tools, enabling them to harness the full value of each product with ease, saving significant time and money.

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Security Flow saves time and money!

“’s absolutely criminal to ask valuable security professionals to spend their time on mundane tasks that could be automated.”
- CSO Online

Security Flow provides the capability to automate the time consuming actions security analysts do each day, allowing teams to tackle high value security work.

By using Security Flow to automate common tasks, the window of vulnerability is decreased, responses are repeatable, and actions are tracked.

Security Flow can help a company utilize the full value of their existing security portfolio.

Security Flow

An extensible framework for integration of third party security products for companies with diverse products and limited or no internal development teams to manage security.

Latest Plugins

The Security Flow NL-Message-Analysis node tests the enabled Message Analyzer configurations against incoming messages to make routing decisions.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Plugin provides the functionality to manage hosts, perform sandbox analysis, and retrieve sandbox artifacts.

The Microsoft 365 Outlook plugin provides nodes to send and receive emails via Microsoft 365 Outlook.

Microsoft (Office) 365 Exchange Admin Center plugin adds the ability to manage mail flow rules (transport rules) within the Exchange Admin Center, manage a user’s inbox rules and manage a user’s mailbox permissions.

Data Renderers Tab

The Data Renderers tab within the Categories, Analyzers, Incident & Timeline Configuration Screen allows for the management of Data Renderers that are used to transform a JSON messages in a user-friendly format.

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