Built-In: System Message Node


The NL-System-Message node provides the capability to generate a System Message notification from a flow. System Message notifications are displayed in the Security Flow title area shown by clicking the icon.


The NL-System-Message node expose the following functionality:

  • Set a System Message notification’s title.
  • Set a System Message notification’s message content.
  • Set a System Message notification’s severity.
  • Set a System Message notification’s permission(s) or assignee.
  • Set a System Message notification’s URL path, a page within Security Flow.

Flow Node

Utility node to create a System Message (Notification) within a flow.


The display name of the node within the flows.


The System Message’s title shown in the icon drop down list.


The field contains the details of the System Message using GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) for entering richly formatted information. The Details field uses variable substitution from the incoming message using a mustache format. Visit the Template Engine and Formatters page to learn more.


The Severity supports setting a severity to one of five predefined levels. Outside of the predefined drop down values, the severity may be set from other contexts. Allowed severity values are: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. If the severity falls outside the valid range, a severity of Informational (1) will be used.


If specified, the Permission(s) supports setting the permission set allowed to view the System Message. Outside of the predefined drop down values, the permission may be set from other contexts. Allowed permission values are: sf_user_[read|manage], sf_incidents_[read|manage|delete], sf_auditlog_[read|delete], sf_fabricinstance_[read|manage|delete], sf_adapter_[read|manage|delete] (Plugin), sf_instance_[read|manage|delete|launch] (Plugin Instance), sf_flows_[read|manage|delete], sf_settings_[read|manage], sf_certificate_[read|manage|delete], sf_management_[read|manage], sf_data_[read|manage|delete] (Database Management), or sf_protected_access_[read|manage|delete] (Incident Restricted Message Access). The evaluated Permission(s) may be a single permission, a comma separated string of permissions, or an array of permission strings. The creation of the System Message will fail if any of the permissions are invalid. Add a catch node to handle the invalid permission string error case. There is no need to assign a permission if the System Message is sent to a specified Username.


If specified, the Username defines the Security Flow user who is the designated recipient of the System Message.

URL Path

If specified, the URL Path defines a specific Security Flow page to visit.

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