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Google Chat


The Google Chat Plugin supports sending text or card data to a Chat or Space.


The Google Chat Plugin supports sending text or card data to a Chat or Space.

Instance Configuration Parameters


Instance Name

Name for the Google Chat instance.

Unique ID

A system-wide unique identifier for this plugin instance used to locate the service.

Webhook URL

Google Chat webhook URL used to submit data to the corresponding Chat or Space. See the https://developers.google.com/chat/how-tos/webhooks page for instructions on creating a Webhook URL. If left blank, the Google Chat Webhook URL in the Notification Services tab of the Application Settings is used.

Flow Node

This node sends data to Google Chat.


The display name of the node within the flows.

Unique ID

System-wide unique ID of the plugin instance.

Google Chat Template

The Google Chat Template must evaluate to a JSON object. See the Using incoming webhooks page for the steps to create a webhook. See the Simple text messages and the Card messages pages for details on the format of the content to submit. If the Google Chat Template uses the {} JSON context, mustache template substitution is applied prior to generation of the final JSON object. For all other contexts, the evaluated Google Chat Template must the final JSON object. Visit the Template Engine and Formatters page to learn more. For any substituted value which may include newlines or double quotes, ensure the jsonStringify and removeSurroundingQuotes formatters are applied as shown in the following card template snippet.

  "widgets": [
      "textParagraph": "{{ payload.multiline | jsonStringify | removeSurroundingQuotes }}"

Audit Notification

If Audit Notification evaluates to a truthy value, this node inserts the Plugin response information into the message and audits that information in the Incident Timeline like a standard Plugin node. However, if Audit Notification evaluates to a falsy value, no response is added to the message unless an error is encountered.

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