McAfee CSR


McAfee Content Security Reporter (CSR) nodes provide the ability to filter CSR queries defined in ePO. McAfee CSR is a reporting software solution that helps you identify and analyze a broad range of data collected from your network devices.


This Plugin allows executing queries available through Content Security Reporter(CSR) available as an extension to McAfee ePO. This extension allows execution of queries and reports. More info available: link

Flow Node

The NL-DXL-Filter-Query-Results node is a helper node to filter out the query results from the Content Security Reporter(CSR) based on the column name and value. The node properties are in the following table.


The display name of the node within the flows.


Selects the type of query results expected. The input types are below:

  • Web Activity Detail : Expect Web Activity Detail query input.
  • Other Query : Expect any other query input.


URL value used to Filter results for Web Activity Detail.

Column Name

Column Name used to Filter results for Other Query inputs.

Column Value

Column Value used to Filter results for Other Query inputs.

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