The OPNsense plugin provides for the blocking/unblocking of Domains, URLs, and IP addresses.


The OPNsense plugin provides a node to block/unblock a Domain, URL, and IP address.

Instance Configuration Parameters


Instance Name

Name for the OPNsense instance.

Unique Id

Unique name for the OPNsense instance.


Hostname or IP address where OPNsense is running.


Use https to communicate with OPNsense if true, otherwise, use http.


API key generated by OPNSense.

API Secret

API secret generated by OPNsense.

Block List Alias

Alias in OPNsense blocked by a firewall rule.

Flow Nodes

Communication node which blocks/unblocks sites in OPNsense according to the specified node configuration.


The display name of the node within the flows.

Unique Id

ID name for the specific OPNsense Instance.


Block Site or Unblock Site.

Site Source

This field defines the location from the message, flow, global, or JavaScript expression to use as the data source for the site. Additionally, the node context can also be changed. The following contexts are supported:

  • msg: This selects part of the incoming message as the source of the data. This is typical choice.
  • flow: This selects part of the flow context’s saved data as the source. This information is shared with only the nodes on a given tab.
  • global: This selects part of the global context’s saved data as the source. This information is shared by all nodes regardless of tab.
  • J: expression: JSONata expression language to perform query and transform operations on the payload.

Block List

Alias in OPNsense blocked by a firewall rule.

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JSON Message Format

The following samples show the JSON content added to the message payload, which conform to Node Messaging Format. The content exists within the opnsense object.

Block Site Success

The italicized, green text is inserted into the message payload upon a successful request. The following example uses “opn1” for the uniqueId of the OPNsense Instance:

"payload": {
    "opnsense" : {
        "opn1" : {
            "response" : "success"
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