Finally, Automation That Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Control of Your Network Security.

Let us show you how Security Flow relieves alert fatigue and manual processes and integrates with the McAfee DXL, while providing a fast ROI.

Learn more about what Security Flow can do for your organization and how we deliver a no-commitment 30-day trial.

    We designed Security Flow to keep you in control, and extend the ability to complete piecemeal automation, on your terms—and without requiring coding or coding knowledge.

    With Security Flow, you get a fully-functional hybrid SOAR solution delivered in under 24 hours with:

    • An ever increasing number of lab-tested plugins
    • Piecemeal automation capabilities
    • Ease of use — graphically construct flows — limited to no coding knowledge required
    • Team of consultants throughout implementation life-cycle for immediate value
    • Broadcast actions that augment flow behaviors without causing disruptions
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