Using the Audit Logs Screen

Audit Logs Page

Select Administration on the left panel to expose a link to the Audit Logs screen. The Audit Logs page displays access to view the audit log. The user of this page must have Audit Logs View permission (See the User Roles and Permissions page). To prune the audit log see the Data Management Page.



The time and date the event occurred.

Object Type
The type of object that changed.

What action was performed: create, update, delete, etc

What was changed.

The user that caused the change.

Remote Address
The ip address that the change was issued from.


At the bottom of the page there is from left to right:
  • A Previous button to view the previous page of audit logs
  • An indicator of what page is currently being displayed
  • An indicator of the total number of pages in the audit logs
  • A pull-down for number of rows to display on a page (5,10,25,50, or100)
  • A Next button to view the next page of audit logs
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