Configuring Infoblox Grid Manager

Configure Infoblox Grid Manager for Use with Nevelex Labs' Security Flow

To configure Infoblox Grid Manager to work with the Security Flow Infoblox DDI Plugins versions v0.7.0 and higher, please follow the following instructions. These instructions define the basics for creating a RPZ and an Extensible Attribute for storing the Security Flow Incident ID number.

Infoblox provides a similar guide for setting up a DNS Firewall. Watch the following video to quickly learn how to configure Infoblox, configure an Infoblox DDI Plugin Instance, and add entries to a RPZ using a basic flow. However, the detailed configuration instructions are below.

Create a Local Response Policy Zone (RPZ)

  1. Navigate to Data Management => DNS => Response Policy Zones.
  2. Click on the '+' button to bring up the RPZ Wizard.
  3. Select Add Local Response Policy Zone and click Next.
    Infoblox RPZ Wizard Step 1
  4. Fill out the fields in Step 2 to define a Security Flow RPZ and click Next. In this example, securityflow is the name of the RPZ.
    Infoblox RPZ Wizard Step 2
  5. Fill out the fields in Step 3 to define the DNS server(s) to use and click Save & Close. In this example, a Name Server Group of Primary was used.
    Infoblox RPZ Wizard Step 3

Optionally Define an Extensible Attribute

  1. Navigate to Administration => Extensible Attributes.
  2. Click on the '+' button to bring up the Add Extensible Attribute Wizard.
  3. Fill out the fields in Step 1 to define a String Extensible Attribute and click Save & Close. In this example, a SecurityFlow attribute is defined.
    Infoblox Extensible Attribute Wizard Step 1

Additional Information

See the Infoblox DDI Plugin page for details on the plugin and its capabilities.
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