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Return Overview Report-Time Grouped

This report generates cost savings totals grouped by time intervals over a specified duration. The cost savings information included in the report is limited to those created within the specified duration. If results are limited by "Assignee", "Statuses", or "Incident Categories", the cost savings records are limited to Incidents which have not been deleted from the system.

Widget Type

Widget Type Description
Stacked Bar Graph Creates a stacked bar graph based on the selected report options.
Bar Graph Creates a bar graph based on the selected report options.

Report Options

Option Description
Statuses Limits matching incidents to the set of selected statuses.
Interval Defines the date-time grouping interval, which is the unit of time for grouping results.
Time/Cost Savings / Nodes Limits time savings information to the selected flow nodes. Use the the Time Savings Information dialog to associate time savings and hourly rate information to a flow node.
Incident Categories Limits matching incidents to the set of selected categories.
Duration Defines the relative time span of the report. For example, some possible values are Last Week, Last Month, or Last X Hours.
Span: Value of X When required by the chosen Duration, the number represents the X value for the selected Last X * duration.
Assignee Restricts the report to the assignee.
Reference The end date/time of the report.

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