Catch Node: Handling Errors From Nodes
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Handling Errors From Nodes

By default, if a node throws an error while handling a message, the message will be filtered out of the flow.

The catch node can be used to catch those errors and handle them within a flow. By default, the catch node catches errors thrown by any node on the same tab. Alternatively, it can be targeted at specific nodes. If an error is thrown within a subflow, the error will get handled by any catch nodes within the subflow. If none exists, the error will be propagated up to the tab the subflow instance is on.


In the following example, the catch node catches an error and passes it to a NL Waiter node for processing. The NL Waiter node's notification path is configured to send an email to a designated mailing list.

The following email is sent by the email node to inform an adminstrative user of the error.

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