Real World Experience from Land O’Lakes
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Real World Experience from Land O'Lakes

This presentation, from March 25, 2021, goes into details of how Land O'Lakes utilizes Security Flow. Hear from a Land O'Lakes analyst discussing their journey and the time savings they achieve monthly using Security Flow in their environment. The presentation file is available for download.

The table below provides a summary of the major discussion points within the presentation along with the time offsets into the presentation video. The Land O'Lakes overview starts at nine minutes (0:09:00) in and provides a great overview of their journey to success with Security Flow. The video is linked inline below the table.

Time (h:mm:ss) Details
0:00:00 Introductions
0:03:52 Land O'Lakes Background
0:04:51 Headwinds and Tailwinds - Barriers to starting to Orchestration and Automation
0:06:33 Security Flow Terminology
0:08:59 Land O'Lakes: Journey
0:09:43 Land O'Lakes: SOC Capability Maturity Model
0:11:19 Land O'Lakes: Mindset on Automation
0:16:25 Land O'Lakes: Flow (Playbook) Creation - In-Depth on Phishing Remediation
0:22:46 Land O'Lakes: Current and Planned Use Cases - PAM, Typosquatting, Leaked Credentials, etc...
0:34:32 Land O'Lakes: Metrics & Time Savings - 12.6 Labor Days Saved Each Month and Even More Time Savings is Being Achieved Now
0:37:03 Land O'Lakes: Typosquatting Flow
0:40:45 Security Flow Differentiators
0:42:12 Security Flow Differentiators: Why?
0:43:50 What's First?
0:45:10 Demo: CrowdStrike: Batch Host Contain & Real Time Response (RTR)
0:54:37 Demo: Azure AD Onboarding
1:04:15 Demo: Phishing - Demo of Broadcast Event Mechanism to Decouple Flows from Behavior
1:17:40 Next Steps - SaaS & OVA Deployment Models
1:21:16 Questions / Comments / Contact Information

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