Using the Provision New Fabric Certificate Screen

Provision New Fabric Certificate Screen

The Provision New Fabric Certificate screen is used to connect to the provisioning server for signing of the newly generated certificates. The credentials typed into this form will be used to connect to the provisioning server to sign the certificate, but those credentials are not saved within Security Flow.

The following table lists all of the values available when provisioning a certificate.

Field Description
Certificate Name The friendly name for the certificate.
Common Name The certificate subject's Common Name (CN).
Organization The certificate subject's Organization (O).
Organizational Unit The certificate subject's Organizational Unit (OU).
Email The certificate subject's Email (E).
City/Locality The certificate subject's City/Locality (L).
State The certificate subject's State (ST).
Country The certificate subject's Country (C).
Host Enter the host name or IP address of a McAfee ePO server for provisioning the certificate bundle.
Port Enter the port number for communicating with the McAfee ePO server. By default, port 8443 is used.
User Name Enter a username for logging into the McAfee ePO server.
Password Enter the password for logging into the McAfee ePO server. Then enter the password again as a confirmation.

After the user has completed all entries on the form, they can click on the Provision Certificate button to begin the provisioning, or they can click the Cancel button to abort and return to the Certificates screen.

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