Using the Dashboard Screen

Dashboard Screen

The dashboard screen consists of a number of configurable dashboard tabs that display current state and historical information. Each dashboard tab consists of a set of widgets to display information within the system.

Basic Dashboard Editing

Dashboard Publishing & Sharing

Built In Dashboard Reports

Report Description
Incidents List The Incidents List report provides a paged view of incidents.
Indicators of Compromise The Indicators of Compromise report provides a paged view of IoCs, Indicators of Compromise in the system and their current trust levels.
Inject IoC The Inject IoC widget provides a mechanism for injecting a buffer of IoCs, Indicators of Compromise, via an NL-Find-IoCs node.
Inject CSV The Inject CSV widget provides a mechanism for injecting comma separated values via a csv node.

Plugin Dashboard Reports

The Nevelex Labs Reports plugin provides a number of additional reports.
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