Incident Categories Tab
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Incident Categories Tab

The Incident Categories tab within the Categories, Analyzers, Templates, Incident & Timeline Configuration Screen allows for the management of categories if the current user has Incidents permissions. See User Roles and Permissions for more details.

Managment Incident Categories Tab

Button Description
Edit the name and widget color of the category.
Delete the category if it is not assigned to an Incident.
Create Category Creates a new category.

Adding an Incident Category

To add an Incident Category, select Create Category and enter in a unique category name, select a Widget Color, and click the Create button. The widget color is the color used when displaying the category within a dashboard widget.

Create Category

Edit an Incident Category

To Edit a category, select the edit icon, change the configuration, and click the Update button.

Delete an Incident Category

To delete, simply select the delete icon and click the Delete button.

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