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SecurityFlow VMware Appliance


This appliance requires VMware ESXi 6.5 or later. By default it comes configured with 8 vCPUs and 16GiB of memory. If necessary you can reduce the vCPU count after import. It is not recommended to reduce the memory allocation. In the near future we intend to provide images suitable for use with KVM.

The VM is configured to use DHCPv4. It is recommended to set a DHCP reservation for the MAC address listed in VMware so the VM will receive a known IP. Alternatively, on the console you can press scroll-lock and use the arrow keys to scroll the console back to the DHCPREQUEST message. The IP will be in the line that says bound to <ipv4 address>.

The web interface can be reached by navigating to the IP address via https/443 in your browser.

Please see the Getting Started Guide for information on your initial setup. Additional information and other guides can be found in theĀ User's Guide.

SecurityFlow Appliance

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