Getting Started Guide

These setup videos are designed to get the Security Flow installation up and running quickly. The videos provide information from how to login to how to setup a phishing flow.

Part 1: First Login

Part 2: System Settings

  • Set the Security Flow System Name or IP Address to exactly match the host name and port, if not 443.
  • Update the Verify SSL certificates setting based on whether or not your root CA is included in the default Mozilla list of trusted certificates.
  • Upload a trusted certificate for the Security Flow webserver to use.
  • Enable LDAP or Single Sign-On (SSO) for user authentication.
  • See Using the Application Settings Screen for additional information.

Part 3: Plugins and Plugin Instances

Certificates and Fabrics

Creating a Plugin Instance

Part 4: Security Flows

Basics of the Flow Editor

  • Pulling in a node to the editor. Plugin specific nodes come from the installed plugins.
  • Restarting the flows editor after updating an existing plugin or installing a new plugin.
  • See Using the Security Flows Screen for additional information.

Importing Flows from the Nevelex Labs Security Flow Library

  • Importing flows from the Nevelex Labs Security Flow Library.
  • Wiring the imported flows together to create a basic phishing flow to enrich an incoming phishing email.

Links to Example Flows

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