Using the Create/Edit Fabric Instances Screen

Create/Edit Fabric Instance Screen

The Create/Edit Fabric Instance Screen is used to create or edit a fabric instance, which defines a connection to an existing communication fabric. The title on screen will read "Editing Fabric Instance" when screen is entered via the edit button on the Fabric Instances page or "Configure New Fabric Instance" if entered from the Create Fabric Instance button on the Fabric Instances page.

The page displays the Fabric Information, which contains the name and version of the fabric. Additionally, the following fields are available for the user to edit.


The Instance Name
Any user friendly name to identify the instance.

Certificate Settings
Select Associated Certificate from pull-down. These certificates are setup within the Certificates Screen.

Flow-Fabric ID
Unique identifier for the fabric instance, used for nodes, and plugin instances for communication.
After making the desired settings for this fabric instance, the user can select the Save button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen to apply those settings, or select the Cancel button to abort the operation.
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