Using the Plugin Instances Screen

Plugin Instances

The Plugin Instances screen allows users to view and manage plugin instances. A plugin instance defines the configuration needed to connect to a third-party production integration and includes information such as login credentials or hostnames.



for restarting Instance(requires Start/Stop-Instance Permission) for editing Instance(requires Manage-Instance Permission) for deleting Instance(requires Delete-Instance Permission) Note that if the user's permissions are insufficient the symbols do not show up. (See permissions page)

The name given when this instance was created.

Status of Instance-Either Running Status: green circle Stopped Status: gray circle or Error status: red circle

Version of instance's Plugin.

Plugin Name and info.

Fabric ID
Identifier of the fabric instance used by this instance.

The date and time this instance was created.
Columns content may be sorted by clicking on the column heading.


When a different version of a running plugin has been uploaded via the plugins screen a warning message appears indicating an out-of-date plugin instance is active. To eliminate this warning, restart the instance.

Create Instance Button

The button is visible if the user has the Manage Instance permission. Upon clicking, it brings up a dialog box for plugin type selection. After selecting the plugin type to create, click the Create Instance button to create new plugin instance via the Create/Edit Plugin Instance screen.

Search Bar

The search bar allows the user to type in searches for plugin instances that match the input text either in the Instance Name, Plugin Name, or Plugin Version.
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