Using the Create/Edit Plugin Instance Screen

Create/Edit Plugin Instance Screen

The title of this screen changes based on the mode of operation, either create or edit. It will read "Configure New Instance" when the screen is entered via a create operation or "Configure Instance" if entered via an edit operation.

This page displays the Plugin Instance's Configuration Information, which varies depending on the type of instance being configured. The following fields are common across all plugins.


Associated Fabric Instance
Select one of the defined fabric instances create on the Fabric Instances screen.

Instance Name
Any user-friendly name to reference the instance as within the Instances screen.

The following section of information varies per adapter.


Instance Settings
Information needed to configure the a running plugin instance. This information may include a unique ID, host name, IP address, port, username, and password. The unique ID is used within the node messaging format.

Broadcast Settings
This section provides the ability to configure a plugin to support broadcast operations, i.e., common operations. Currently, the ability to block or unblock domains, URLs, and IP or gather threat intelligence on domains, URLs, or IPs is supported.

To use this page, the user must have Plugin Instance manage permission (See the User Roles and Permissions for more information).

Caveats on Editing a Running Instance

Editing Example

For information on editing instances see the Editing Plugin Instance Example.
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