Editing Plugin Instance Example

How to Edit a Security Flow Instance

This walk through uses the McAfee Web Gateway plugin as an example. The same procedure applies to all plugins.
  1. Optional Step: On the Plugins screen, check that a McAfee Web Gateway Plugin is installed in Nevelex Labs Security Flow.
      1. Search for the plugin by typing in "mwg" in the search bar in the upper right.
    1. If the plugin does not appear after searching, follow the procedure to add a plugin and return here.
  2. Go to the Plugin Instances screen.
  3. Check that the McAfee Web Gateway Instance has the correct settings:
      1. Click on the Edit Instance button to the left under Options. The Configure Instance screen is displayed.
    1. Check that the McAfee Web Gateway Server address and other Instance settings are correct for your environment. Ensure McAfee Web Gateway is configured to support automation.
    2. Save the changes or cancel if no changes were made to return to the Plugin Instances screen.
  4. On the Plugin Instances screen, make sure the McAfee Web Gateway Plugin has a running instance:
      1. Check that McAfee Web Gateway Plugin instance is Running (green). If the instance is not running, click on Restart Instance to the left under Options.
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